Preston, Lancashire UK

Who are you and what do you do?
'Nazia Mogra. I am a presenter for CBBC Newsround and BBC North West Tonight.'

Why do you choose to live in Preston?
'I was born and bred in Preston! I love my home city and I am a Proud Prestonian. I love parched peas, butter pies and love riding my bike around the Guild Wheel!'

What's your favourite place in Preston and why?
'The docks. Many people forget Preston has a lovely Riversway dockland and on a warm summers day it lends itself to a beautiful walk. I did a whole series of pieces for the BBC on Preston’s history and this is one of the places I visited on my journey delving into the history. I learnt so much!

I also love Winckley Square. It reminds me of my childhood. It’s an easy place to get lost in your thoughts thinking about all the people who have walked the steps you have.'

What is Preston proud of?
'Our communities. We have so many lovely events like egg rolling, the Caribbean Carnival and we used to have the Mela festival too.'

Tell us something about Preston that people won't know?
'We have the second largest bus station in Europe! We have the longest row of red phone boxes in the country near the market. We also have our very own Monopoly board! And yes I have one and we love playing it as a family. No matter where I end up in life, Preston will always be my home. I love the City. I am a Proud Prestonian.'