Preston, Colorado USA

Who are you and what do you do?
'I teach area history for Colorado State University's adult education program and I am in my sixth year. I have had 21 books published and 2,300 articles on area history published in newspapers and magazines. I am a member of many historical societies. I worked for Hewlett-Packard as an engineer for thirty-six years.'

Why do you choose to live in Preston?
'Nobody lives there. It's a ghost town!'

What's your favourite place in Preston and why?
'There are two run down cabins by a rough dirt road, but there is little information about the town. It was founded on gold discoveries in the Breckenridge area within Summit County, Colorado.'

What is Preston proud of?
'From its small size, it was not a successful town. It did have a post office from 1875 to 1889. The post office was moved to Braddock along the railroad. This was probably a coincidence with its abandonment. I do not know how the town was named.'

Tell us something about Preston that people won't know?
'I have no idea. In the book Stampede to Timberline, the author says Preston was a a small place, just a mine.'